Toronto Story Archive's YYZ Tour Guide

"If you could recommend one place to go, or one thing to do in the city, what would it be?"

Each week, our guests tell us about one (or many) of the places they like to go and things they like to do in Toronto. Check out some of their top picks below!


Recommendation of the Week: Rendez-Vous


Food & Drink

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que | 275 Cherry St. | Episode 09: ft. Michael Cicero – "They've got amazing pulled pork."

Fahrenheit Coffee | 120 Lombard St. | Episode 08: ft. Natasha Nesrine – "The staff is just, they're just so funny, and the coffee is unbelievable."

Raijin Ramen | 24 Wellesley St. West | Episode 03: ft. Armaan Verma – "One of the best bowls of ramen the city has to offer."

FIKA Cafe | 28 Kensington Ave. | Episode 16: ft. Jane Arnett – "The baristas are wonderful, they'll talk to you, they have great coffee, and the space is just gorgeous."

Bunner's Bakeshop | 244 Augusta Ave. | Episode 16: ft. Jane Arnett  – "Being Celiac it's one of my favourite bakeries."

The Spoke Club | 600 King St. West | Episode 22: ft. Miracle Kerr – "They have the best patio in Toronto."

Sabai Sabai | 81 Bloor St. East | Episode 22: ft. Miracle Kerr – "I love Thai food, it's the best Thai place, everyone should go there."

School Restaurant | 70 Fraser Ave. | Episode 25: ft. Vanessa Giorgio – "If you're down for a wicked brunch." 

North Poke | 179 Baldwin St. | Episode 26: ft. Brandon Schiafone – "What poke is is all the lovely ingredients of sushi...just in a bowl. It's so, so good."

Maker Pizza | 59 Cameron St. | Episode 28: ft. Nader Marzouk – "You can get pizza anywhere, but that attention to detail really made that the best pizza in Toronto."

Kensington Market | 343 College St. | Episode 29: ft. Josh Lindley  – "Start at College & Augusta going south, then go through the market, then back down Kensington."

Rendez-Vous | 1408 Danforth Ave. | Episode 30: ft. Tanya May – "It's a communal dining experience, it's very easy to strike up a conversation with people around you."


The Hideout | 423 College Street | Episode 10: ft. Michel Neray – "For some amazing rock musicians, amazing."

The Greater Good | 229 Geary Ave. | Episode 09: ft. Michael Cicero – "Drinks, pizza, and arcade games, it rounds out a very well done date."

Cadillac Lounge | 1296 Queen St. West | Episode 07: ft. Xandra Grayson – "That's Parkdale to me, this intense, this crazy situation, but everyone's having a good time."

Statlers | 487 Church St. | Episode 04: ft. Natasha Buckeridge – "Such a positive atmosphere, and it's like a family."

Grossmans Tavern | 379 Spadina Ave. | Episode 04: ft. Natasha Buckeridge – "On a Saturday afternoon it's New Orleans Jazz with all the brass."

Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club | 224 Richmond St. West | Episode 20: ft. Jenan Abderrahman – "No matter if they have a headliner or not, you will laugh."

Local Public Eatery | 171 East Liberty St. | Episode 21: ft. Luke Farr – "It's a phenomenal environment, you've got the patio, the big bar, you've got great food too!"

Power Up Bar | 38 Wellington St. East | Episode 27: ft. RosieStormborn – "Everybody gathers in booths and plays video games together, there's also music and dancing."

Raiders E-Sports Centre | 49 St. Claire Ave. West | Episode 27: ft. RosieStormborn – "If you love playing video games and PC gaming, this is an awesome place to go to."

Parks & Scenery

High Park | 1873 Bloor St. West | Episode 02: ft. Rina Rovinelli – "A beautiful oasis in the city."

Riverdale Park | 550 Broadview Ave. | Episode 01: ft. D'Tanga Small "One of the most romantic, beautiful skylines Toronto has to offer."

Don Valley Trail (Lower Don) | Pottery Rd. & Todmorden Mills Rd. | Episode 01: ft. D'Tanga Small – "One of the most beautiful walks you'll ever go on." 

Allan Gardens Conservatory | 19 Horticultural Ave. | Episode 19: ft. Mikael Melo – "Going to this greenhouse full of beautiful flowers, there's something so tranquil." 

Graffiti Alley | 513 Queen St. West | Episode 25: ft. Vanessa Giorgio – "It's super colourful, it's amazing if you want to do a little shoot, it's a really iconic spot."

Sports & Fitness

Undisputed Martial Arts | 127 Sunrise Ave. | Episode 12: ft. Yvette Raposo – "There's a gentleman named Donnie Clarke, he's doing some amazing stuff."

Ashbridges Bay Beach Volleyball | 1561 Lake Shore Blvd. East | Episode 12: ft. Yvette Raposo "Even if you don't play, it's such a sight to take in."

Valhalla Quidditch Practice | Check Facebook Page (here) | Episode 13: ft. Yara Kodershah "At your first practice, be sure to hit someone."

E.T. Seton Archery Range | 73 Thorncliff Park Dr. | Episode 17: ft. Justus Holmes "Everyone is very friendly and they'll answer as many questions as they possibly can."

Toronto Jugger Practice | Check Facebook Group (here)Episode 23: ft. Valkyrie Savage "If I only get one thing it's gonna be Jugger, 6pm Christie Pits every Monday."

Things to Do

Air Canada Centre | 40 Bay St. | Episode 06: Saving Sammy ft. Edie Kaldis – "Well, you have to go see the Leafs play."

Royal Ontario Museum | 100 Queens Park | Episode 05: ft. Jim Pagiamtzis – "...and I never stopped talking about the dinosaur exhibit for at least a month."

CSI Pitchmasters Toastmasters Club | 720 Bathurst St. | Episode 11: ft. Jonathan Andrews – "Tuesday night, 6:30pm. The energy is off the chain."

The Immersive Experience | Yonge-Dundas Square | Episode 14: ft. Ian Amirthanathan – "In wanting to discover, you end up exploring, learning, and embracing."

Queen West | Osgoode Station | Episode 15: ft. Jermal Alleyne – "Just take a walk down Queen Street, go as far as you can, there'll be so many sights and sounds."

Osgoode Hall | 130 Queen St. W | Episode 18: ft. Henry Agassi – "They have one of the biggest private libraries in Canada, you'll love it!"

Toronto Reference Library | 789 Yonge St. | Episode 18: ft. Henry Agassi – "It looks beautiful, just looking at the library and the way it's designed is inspirational."

Harbourfront Centre | 235 Queens Quay West | Episode 23: ft. Sammy Abu-Saud – "Get inspired by the planes, the Island, the Harbourfront view of the city."

Waterfront Trail | Queens Quay East | Episode 29: ft. Josh Lindley – "Riding along the lakeshore path is totally worth doing for the active folk."