Hi, I'm Mo

Mo Waja is a professional speaker, marketer, entrepreneur, the author of presentIMPACT: The Speaker's Guide, and the Host of Toronto Story Archive. To date, Mo has spent tens of thousands of hours coaching business professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, campaign advocates, post-secondary students, politicians, motivational speakers, and medical practitioners in the art of professional speaking and communication.

In real life . . . Mo is a consummate nerd who still dreams of the return of Firefly, a lover of all things sci-fi/fantasy, an archery tag aficionado, a born again runner, and a Settlers of Catan champion with an 77% win-rate against his fiancée and closest friends. He's a speaker who frequents momondays (no affiliation), loves the sound of his own voice, and is ready to step up to any karaoke mic that will have him.   

To Catch A Thief

"To Catch A Thief" as performed at momondays Ottawa, February 13th 2017.

Mo is not only a very talented speaker, he is a skilled and knowledgeable educator. His presentation engaged the participants interactively, giving them the opportunity to speak and apply the skills taught in his session and then offering valuable critique. The participants left the session excited, inspired, and with the public speaking knowledge necessary to augment their campaigns. 

Olivia Chow


From Boardroom to Quidditch Pitch

"From Boardroom to Quidditch Pitch" as performed at momondays Kingston, November 22nd 2016. 

Mo's course is tested, concrete, and unique, and comes with a stamp of approval from our young leaders. Mo is a catalyst for creative change, a true professional, and a dynamo of energy that is an absolute pleasure to work with. He loves what he does and I would highly recommend him to any group, regardless of age, experience, or background. 

– Nadeesha Watawala



The Compassion in Chaos

"The Compassion in Chaos" as performed at momondays Toronto, July 25th 2016. 

After working with Mo for just a short period, it was like flipping a switch, I could finally see where I was once blind – and the benefits since have been significant. Specifically, I learned and immediately applied how to: open more powerfully, engage the audience based on real time feedback, deliver content in a seamless flow, project the quality of my content through my body language using body language, voice projection and inflection.

– Dan Demers

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