3 Entrepreneurial Habits That Will Define You


For myself, becoming an entrepreneur involved the ability to create and keep long term, beneficial habits – habits which fell into three areas. If you can stay the course within these three areas, you will be on target to reap the rewards of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

1. Learning

The ability to consume personal and professional development information has changed over the last number of years. Now, you can consume new content almost anywhere, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube, and downloading material onto your phone so you can learn on the go!

Whether you’re reading books with a highlighter in your hand or highlighting e-books on your iPad, learning has never been easier. The best part is, if you’re looking for something new to read you can easily reach out your friends on your social media channels. Guaranteed you will get lots of recommendations!

A quote I’ve always enjoyed for successful people is “Readers are leaders”.

2. Association

Who you spend your time with is very important. There is the saying “Tell me the 5 people closest to you and I will tell you your income”. It’s important to strive to associate with and learn from successful people in the industries you yourself are trying to become successful in.

Try to work in networking and attending events on a monthly basis to meet new people and grow you network.

It’s important to create a plan as to which events you will attend. This will help you follow through the process to grow long term relationships that will fuel new clients, referrals, and potential partnerships.

3. Mindset of Success

Every day you will grow and learn new strategies that work for you, and experience others that will fail. Growing a business is an exciting experience. You will have days of reflection and realization, and others of inspiration and motivation, both of which are important in building the long term success of a business.

Take the entrepreneurial road less travelled and be prepared to have magical journey.

Jim Pagiamtzis helps entrepreneurs to Learn, Speak, and Socialize with proven strategies that work. He is the author of Get Connected 21st Century Online and Offline Strategies, hosts a Blogtalk radio show interviewing entrepreneurs who make a difference, is a Core Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact, and is the Director of the Public Speakers Association.